• Concept

"Mach Magic" is an initiative to create something innovate and unique fish recipes which can rock all ages of foodies. Keeping in mind of serving contemporary dishes like kabirajee" fish finger, fish roll, fish batter fry, we are up with some unique dishes like Vetki-Chingri Popcorn, Amudi65, Chitol Macher Nimki, Chilly Dry Mourola and many others. The concept of mach magic is to give a magical touch to the fish lovers of Bengal at reasonable and affordable price. Our endeavour is to take the fish recipes to a new height.

After achieving the blessing from the guest of "Saptapadi", we have tied our hand to cater people with unique fish recipes all over India .Mach magic aims at popularizing fish of Bengal to the Indian food industry and providing opportunity to taste some innovate dishes .

We also aim to share a part of the earnings with the fisher men of Bengal who are regular source of unique and fresh varieties of fish. These people go for fishing keeping their life in stake on the waterfront. We want these fishermen’s presence in food industry. Your patronage is ardently wished for.

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